If you seen suit on main page noticed as “one of a kind” It means I’m not going to make copies.

If you ever seen some costume made by me
but the costume is not presented on main page then it means costume is not available for order too.

If you contacted me and I responded “costume is not available for order” it means that I’m not interested in making requested costume at this moment.
Please do not spend my time and yours on messages as to when it will become available for order or why it’s not available for order or something else. Thank you.


CURRENT INFO! I’m not able to place any more orders on the wait list at this time. Please don’t send messages regarding new wait list, I don’t have any information on it at this time. Please check for updates on my Facebook! Once or twice a year I advertise there that we are open to commissions. Please note last line I had filled the wait list by the time only 500 people had seen the announcement! There is always a chance to be in time if you are my follower.
If you are already in a queue please make sure you are able to make a pre-payment and provide us with your measurements within 2-3 days of being contacted by us regarding your order.


As much as I would love to, I do not have enough time in my lifetime to create all of the new suits for those that ready to pay for it. So new suits (are not presented on website) may be available for order on a case by case from time to time basis for use in promotion  by individuals with high social and media presence.


Due to the above mentioned creation process, it is always that there is a wait list for orders. Once we have discussed your suit and I have accepted it, you will then be placed on the wait list.


I discuss costumes individually based on detail required for each person’s creation. Generally, prices range from 2500 to 4000 usd, depending on the complexity.


Every costume is 100% made specifically for each client’s own measurements.
You provide me with your measurements by filling in my measurement form. It is important that you fill this in accurately, as I then make the garment using these measurements in conjunction with a formula which results in a satisfactory fit in 99% of cases.

Please note: Some costumes have very thick latex details (> 0.50mm – 2mm and more gauge). This means costume can be slightly more difficult to dress in, since there is less stretch with thicker gauges.


Pre-Payments are required before any production commences. If you are on wait list and are contacted that I’m ready to proceed with your order, you will then have up to 2 business days to make pre-payments via PayPal or Skrill (moneybookers) and to provide me with your measurements.


Orders are produced individually for each customer and are usually held in a wait list depending on the costumes’ complexity. For this reason, orders may only be cancelled up to 2 days after my receipt of payment and confirmation of the order. After this time, a cancellation fee of 20% will be charged to cover the cost of materials and labor used in production of the cancelled order.


As mentioned above in Order Cancellation- Due to the unique and 100% made to measure service used for all my costumes, refunds are not possible.
Refunds or credit will only be considered in the case of a defect in the latex or manufacturing process.


Free Worldwide Shipping is included in the price of your creation.
I ship using discrete packaging, via Express Post, all parcels will require a signature on delivery.


My latex costumes are comprised of 100% custom latex sheeting, made from natural rubber latex, using the highest quality process possible.
Latex is delicate and requires special care with its storage and handling.


Please be aware that the natural proteins found in latex can cause a potentially fatal allergic reaction. If you are allergic to this protein, you may have experienced reactions to kiwi fruit, avocado, banana, chestnut, potato, tomato, cherry, peach, and some other plant foods.

As the consumer, it is your responsibility to make sure that you do not suffer from any latex allergy before buying this type of clothing.

If you experience any itching, redness or swelling upon contact, remove immediately. Please consult your doctor or physician for more information.


Exposure of latex to heat, sunlight, and prolonged moisture can cause the latex to discolor, and can cause the seams to weaken. Colored and semi-transparent rubber may stain with exposure to metals, sweat, and make-up. I do not accept responsibility for staining or distortion of rubber as these processes are beyond my control.

Always handle your rubber carefully:

  • Use a dressing aid such as liquid silicone lube when putting on your latex
  • Remove all jewelry and be careful of your fingernails when dressing- sharp nails or jewellery can easily puncture latex
  • Clean latex after wearing it- sweat, makeup, and oils from your skin can weaken / discolor it
  • Hand wash latex in mild soapy water, avoid using detergents or abrasive cleaning fluids/powders, and hang to dry inside out (avoid metal hangers)
  • For storage, and IMMEDIATELY AFTER WASHING!, you should to use liquid silicone to lightly dust it to prevent costume from sticking to itself and to keep the glossy shine.
  • Do not rub latex with or allow any contact with any oils (other than Silicone) as they will degrade the latex
  • Store lighter colors separate from metals and dark or colored latex- tissue paper is a great separator if you have metal accents or a multicolored costume
  • Store rubber clothes away from heat, direct sunlight, salt water, chlorine, and ‘waxed’ clothing
  • Ideally, cover the costume in a plastic garment bag and hang in a cool, dark place, such as a closet
  • Do not store under anything heavy

I recommend several places to buy liquid silicone/lubricant:
Dow Corning Xiameter PMX-200 100CS Silicone Fluid – Quart Bottle, based in USA :
in Japan:

Press / Media

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